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Ingredients: Nettle Tops*, Eyebright*, Peppermint*, Lemon Grass*, Skullcap*, Calendula*

Hot Infusion – Hot water is poured over herbs and allowed to steep for 5-15 minutes. Strain and serve. Strength is determined by the amount of herb used, typically 15-20g of tea to 500ml of water.

Decoction – Preparation is made by lightly simmering herbs in water for 20-60 minutes. Typically 20-25g of tea to 500ml of water is used.


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    My husband has extremely bad seasonal allergies. He used to spend every spring/early summer in a haze induced by allergy meds. He also used to have to use a cocktail of multiple different types of allergy meds in order to get any sort of relief. 3 years ago, we decided to try some herbal remedies instead. This Seasonal Response tea has seriously been like a miracle. He has found that the tea works better than any allergy meds that he has ever tried and without any of the bad side effects. He finds that it does dry out his sinus cavities like the allergy meds did, but it does not make him feel wired or drowsy like they used to. The fact that it dries out sinuses makes it great to use when we have colds with really sniffly noses as well. This tea definitely works best when taken on a daily basis during allergy season, or even multiple times per day during the worst of it. I like to make a strong decoction and keep it in the fridge so he can have a bit throughout the day. Over the last 3 years, he has only had to take Benadryl a handful of times, and that has been when he has been feeling good and not drinking the tea often enough to keep the allergy symptoms away. The few times that he has taken Benadryl, it has knocked him right out and he has had to lie down for a couple of hours. We are so thankful to have found this tea!

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